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Stained Glass Windows in York by J. Goodwin

Throughout history, many significant buildings incorporated stained glass windows in York. Once made as flat panels, coloured stained glass can now include three-dimensional sculptures and structures.

J. Goodwin Stained Glass is one of York’s leading specialist providers for residential and commercial decorative stained glass. Offering a broad range of services for ecclesiastical and secular glazing works, you can rely on J. Goodwin Stained Glass for small to large-scale projects completed to the highest standards.

Founded by professional stained glass artist Joe Goodwin, services include new bespoke commissions, the restoration and conservation of existing stained glass, and the installation of window protection.

What is stained glass?

Many stained glass windows in York are typically full-colour decorative windows constructed with several pieces of coloured glass combined with soldered lead strips. Such a construction method ensures the design gets kept together.

For several centuries now, stained glass windows in York are a familiar sight among many homes and both religious and commercial buildings. Today, stained glass can be seen not just externally but also as features for interior windows and doors.

The benefits of using J. Goodwin Stained Glass

Whether it’s the installation of new stained glass windows in York or the restoration of existing ones, it’s vital to use a skilled and experienced glazier. In the UK, one of the nation’s best-known providers of stained glass installation and restoration services is J. Goodwin Stained Glass.

All new installations and restoration projects get completed to a high degree of craftsmanship, care, and attention. J. Goodwin Stained Glass works with both domestic, ecclesiastical, and commercial clients and has done so for over 13 years.

When restoring existing stained glass, you also need a reliable glazier that can sympathetically adjust the size of the panes to ensure a perfect fit. The good news is that J. Goodwin Stained Glass offers such a service to guarantee a seamless and professional result.

Why choose J. Goodwin Stained Glass?

Joe Goodwin, the founder of J. Goodwin Stained Glass, is a professional stained glass artist. Qualified with a BTEC HND in Architectural Stained Glass, Joe was also a trainee at The York Glaziers Trust, the UK’s longest-established and largest specialist stained glass conservation studio in Britain.

He has had the privilege to work on many major medieval and 17th-century glazing schemes and has even been certified as a heritage skills glazier on the CSCS scheme. In 2004, Joe set up his own stained glass studio at York and works on domestic, commercial, and ecclesiastic projects.

Today, J. Goodwin Stained Glass is a familiar name in the industry and has fast become one of the UK’s premier providers and restorers of stained glass windows in York.

J. Goodwin Stained Glass can provide a complete specialist glazing service, with bespoke services ranging from the replacement of single panes through to fully restoring entire window schemes. Contact Joe today to learn how you can benefit from new or restored specialist glazing, stained glass and leaded light windows.

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