Bespoke stained glass York

We go to great lengths to have our homes stand out to our neighbours and visitors. Some householders like to make an impression by means of their garden, filling it full of rare plants and keeping the grass and bushes trimmed to perfection. Others prefer to impress their guests by means of imposing figureheads on the gateposts, or extravagant water features, ornaments and garden furniture. One way of personalising your home which is often overlooked is to use stained glass windows. Bespoke stained glass art is available in York from master craftsman Joe Goodwin. Why not contact Joe and discover how your home could be transformed by the beauty of stained glass.
Stained glass art became popular in Europe in medieval times, but its use was almost exclusively reserved for religious buildings. Church windows depicting scenes from the Bible, saints or local people of importance would be commissioned by wealthy patrons wishing to make a donation to their church. These splendid works would then be on display for the whole congregation to admire. Since glass and lead are more durable materials than paper and cloth, some of the best examples of pictorial religious art we have from this era are in the form of stained glass windows. Europe’s most extensive collection of bespoke stained glass works resides at York Minster, where Joe Goodwin has carried out extensive restoration work.
These days, bespoke stained glass art from York is no longer only available to the well to do in society. Certainly, many celebrities and other public figures have chosen to make expressions by this fascinating art form. Formula One world champion Nigel Mansell famously had his trademark red, white and blue racing helmet portrayed in a stained glass window in his Isle of Man home. But when you can have a bespoke design created by York stained glass specialists for a very reasonable price, it becomes apparent that this is an opportunity open to anyone who wants to personalise and improve the look of their home. Maybe you would like a family crest or coat of arms in your front door window. Or imagine how magical it would be to have fantasy scenes depicted in a nursery window.
If you decide to commission a bespoke piece from York stained glass artist Joe Goodwin, the first things you need to consider are the size and location of the window you have chosen, and the theme and design of the piece you wish to have created. Joe can help you to come up with a design which will use shapes and colours to produce the desired effect. Then, a template will be taken of the window, and work can begin. Using glass, solder and other materials to created a beautiful decoration is a rare skill, but Joe is a master glazier and you can be certain that your bespoke stained glass masterpiece will make your York home stand out for all the right reasons. Check out Joe’s website for examples of his work.

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