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It seems like barely a day goes by without our being bombarded by another advertisement from double glazing companies from York and elsewhere, with half price, buy one get on free offers to replace all the double glazing units you may only have replaced last year. Too be fair, most of these companies are, as they would say in Yorkshire, much of a muchness. They will supply the product, fit it, and leave your home looking pretty much exactly the same as it did before. And exactly the same as most of the other houses on the street. Some people would be quite satisfied with this kind of service. But if you want your home to stand out, then it’s time to try something slightly different.
Joe Goodwin is not your average window fitter. Joe stands out among the glazing companies of York as a specialist in creating and restoring stained glass artwork. Have you ever visited an historic church and marvelled at the stunning effect of sunlight pouring through a stained glass window? I bet you never though it would be possible to create a similar effect in your own home. But now you can, with Joe Goodwin and his bespoke stained glass service.
What design would you choose for a stained glass window in your own home? Maybe a family crest or coat of arms in the front door light or porch window. Or you could have the names of parents, children and grandchildren set in a floral or geometric pattern. Not many York glazing companies can provide products like these. Some people prefer the artwork to represent their national flag, or the colours of their favourite football team.
Others prefer stained glass windows which are inspired by the Ecclesiastic examples found in old churches and other buildings. Many of these tell a story, with scenes spread across several panes of glass. The story could represent local events, part of your family history, or be drawn from a work of fiction which is particularly close to your heart. The success of many of these pieces as works of art is said to be due to the fact that they present pictures and symbols as part of an overall effect.. From a distance, the eye picks out the patterns of shape and colour, but it is only when you look more closely you see the representations of people and objects which tell the story or explain the message of the piece. Very few York glazing companies would know about the compositional aspect of stained glass window design. Floral and geometric patterns are also perennial favourites.
York has many glazing companies, but none can offer services comparable to those available from Joe Goodwin. Stained glass is a striking and unique medium, a way to express yourself overlooked by many householders. The other glazing companies of York could learn a lot from Joe, with his personal service and high quality bespoke product. Why not check out the products on his website.

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